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Share your best competitive teams for Generation 2’s battle facilities on this thread! Your team should be made to beat any of the battle facilities as efficiently as possible.

The Battle facilities in Generation 2 is/are:
Battle Tower - Pokemon Crystal

Before submitting your team, please read the following guidelines and make adjustments where they fit.

  • Make sure you show in your answer which facility this team is for battling in.

  • Include your recommended Pokemon in your answer, each with recommended moves for use in the Battle Facility.

  • Remember that players may be unable to access certain Pokemon, such as those restricted by version exclusivity or trade evolutions. If you'd like to suggest a Pokemon like this, please mention alternative/s.

  • Please post original teams. Do not post teams made by other people, such as Youtubers.

  • Provide explanation and detail. Justify your Pokemon and moveset choices; possible discussion points include ease-of-use, team synergy and coverage for key battles.

  • Submit your team as an answer, not a comment. To keep things tidy, we will remove any teams posted as comments in this thread. If you simply want to update your post, use the 'edit' button.

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"Adding items, abilities, EVs, or natures are all very helpful, but they are not necessary."

This rule shouldn't be kept as the one you borrowed it from was for in-game teams, where they don't matter at all. However, competitive is vastly different from in-game so its pretty much mandatory imo.
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Level: 10
- dragon rage

I just posted the best possible moveset. This question is no longer necessary.
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Battle Tower
Pokemon Crystal

First ever answer on a Battle Facility thread! :D

Alakazam @ Twisted Spoon
- Psychic
- Thunder Punch
- Ice Punch
- Fire Punch

Special Attacker (Needs a Choice item lol). Psychic is strong STAB, and the elemental punches are all special in this Gen, meaning Alakazam benefits from this. The combo of Psychic, Fire, Ice, and Electric is actually unresisted in this Gen, making for a good attacker.

Blissey (F) @ Leftovers
- Toxic
- Protect
- Seismic Toss
- Reflect / Softboiled

Toxic spreader. Protect for stalling. Seismic Toss for constant damage, and Reflect doubles you (really low) Defense, or Softboiled to regain health on top of Lefties.

Cloyster @ Quick Claw
- Ice Beam
- Surf
- Hidden Power [Ground]
- Curse

Physically bulky mixed attacker. Curse boosts Atk and Def, and Ice Beam and Surf are STAB. HP Ground benefits from the Curse boost, and is coverage. Quick Claw can negate Curse Speed drops.

Aerodactyl @ Gold Berry
- Ancient Power
- Fly
- Earthquake
- Dragon Rage / Return

This is especially good the lower you choose your level. If you challenge the Level 10s, Dragon Rage will OHKO most Pokemon. If not, Return fits the brief better. Ancient Power and Fly are STAB, and Earthquake is coverage.

Tyranitar @ Spell Tag
- Ancient Power
- Hidden Power [Ghost]
- Earthquake
- Return

Ancient Power is STAB, and as all Dark moves are Special in this Gen, HP Ghost + Spell Tag makes up for it (a bit), as they cover the same things, but Ghost is Physical. Earthquake and Return are both coverage (Return being Neutral coverage)

Heracross @ Berserk Gene
- Megahorn
- Hidden Power [Fighting]
- Earthquake
- Return

Berserk Gene is basically using Swagger on yourself, thus boosting every move. Megahorn and HP Fighting are STAB. Earthquake and Return are both coverage (as said before).

Have fun using this team all! :D

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Why does Blissey not have softboiled?
Oops, that was a mistake. I meant to do Reflect/Softboiled but forgot to do the slash thing. Better? :)
1. IVs (DVs) goes to 15 in this gen, not beyond 20.
2. Since EVs can be maximized in all stats, why don't add 65535 EVs in each stat?
I think everyone assumes all gen 2 movesets have max EVs unless the set specifies otherwise.