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So I’m playing through Soul Silver and I’m really picky about my Pokeballs so for now I will be sacrificing egg moves for an aesthetically pleasing Pokeball for Azumarill. So that means no aqua jet. He’ll basically be a water HM slave + one coverage move. Whenever I transfer him to SwSh I could change his nature and stats or keep his setup the same if that combo is considered good.

Anyway I don’t like slow Pokémon especially with low defence so I want to give it a jolly nature + choice scarf. Would he still be constantly outsped in NPC battles to make this set up not worth it?

In-game or competitive? Are you asking for SoulSilver or SwSh?
Soul Silver.  And yeah NPC battles in Soul Silver.  (But he will be transferred to SwSh in the future)

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Hiya there. I’m not a SS expert, but I’d like to state my opinion on this.

1) If you overlevel your Pokemon enough, they should be able to outspeed anyway. Of course this is a harder point to justify with such low base speed.

2) I don’t know what point in the game you’re in but I did some calculations with a level 50 Azumarill (with showdown ofc) since that’ll be a good level later in the game. A Jolly level 50 Azumarill should have a speed stat of 115 if I did this right (assuming there are 0 EVs in the stat). It’s not terrible, but not amazing either.

3) This seems like the only time I would recommend using a Choice Scarf ingame, purely because you want a fast Pokemon and Azumarill falls short of that.

Basically, do what you’d like, but this is what O think about it.

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It's unlikely there'll be 0 Speed EVs. The Azumarill will probably pick up random ones along the playthrough, which'll make it faster.
Thats true, but considering the fact that i dont know *how many* evs, I left it blank. Also why I didn’t take into consideration IVs.