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It can stall through an entire Dynamax with first Ice Face, then Hail, and finish off with Protect. It can also learn Aurora Veil for extra protection. It also has decent stats. So why don’t people use it?

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What format? Dynamax is banned in all formats but BSS, AG, VGC, and DUbers, and I don’t think Eiscue is any good in those.
For battling other people in-game.
Just to clarify, do you mean battling other real people or the non-player trainers? If you're asking about non-player trainers, are they inside or outside the Battle Tower?
What I mean is battling with the VS thing in Swsh
What VS thing? There are multiple VS things in each game.
The one for battling I don’t remember what it’s called.
I can't give you a good answer until you remember what it's called.
It’s in Y-comm and you send a battle request, there’s no name for it.

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There are much more greater ice types than Eiscue, such as Mamoswine, Lapras and Weavile. It's attacking stats are both mediocre and bad, its speed is terrible, and it's movepool is terrible. Despite it's ability, Eiscue is not that great for the competetive scene.