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So I was planning on using an intimidate krookadile set where I block bulk up rest chesto sweep with power trip, the main issue is actually trapping them since they can switch before I block them. I just watched Lord Emvee's video about fairy lock emergency button klefki, which would provide a free switch for krookadile and would keep them trapped. However, I don't know if block will override fairy lock or it will fail because the Pokemon is still trapped.

No they do not stack
That question is not about the trapping aspect of them, it's about the damage over time.
Neither Block nor Fairy Lock deal damage, so we can discount that possibility

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In this replay, Klefki uses Fairy Lock then gets hit by Blissey and Klefki switches out due to its Eject Pack. Krookodile comes in and successfully uses Block, trapping Blissey. Throughout the match, Blissey could not switch out.

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