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So I have a team consisting of azumarill, mega gengar, murkrow, mismagius and jirachi. First four are for perish trapping and jirachi is for wishpassing. I need someone to take on other shadow tags (psychic) and ghost types who can escape binding moves. Who should I use?

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Flying Types and Levitate Pokémon also escape most trapping methods. :P
Ok ok. I meant whirlpool, mean look and shadow tag.
This is for competitive battles, right? What format?
It's AG.
There's Drifblim, since it's a Ghost/Flying type it's immune to nearly every trapping move/ability except Infestation, but it's Drifblim
All ghost Pokemon, not only Drifblim, are immune to being trapped in any way. (except pursuit if you're using a weird definition for the word "trap")

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Trapping moves are very rare in AG, and the only common shadow tag user is Gengar. Gengar cannot be countered, because counter doesn't work on ghost Pokemon OR special attackers. But you can threaten it by switching in a ground Pokemon, like Groudon or ground Arceus, before it can mega evolve. If you have to let it mega evolve for whatever reason, then you can check it with a fast Pokemon, like attack Deoxys or scarf Yveltal, or a priority user, like Marshadow.

If i'm right, aren't trapping moves nearly nonexistent in AG aside from Shuckle's Infestation? I've never seen any other trapping aside from Shadow Tag users.
I think that's right.
I remember seeing Mean Look once on a baton pass team with Mega Gengar, but that was almost certainly a gimmick since I immediately Whirlwinded the Gengar's passed boosts away after Taunt from the previous Pokemon ran out.

Other than that, I don't think you'll see trapping moves in AG and Marshadow and ground types wipe the floor with Gengar
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for switching out, any ghost type, they are immune to traping effects.

This doesn't completely answer the question. It asks what Pokemon he/she/it should use.