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ok i've been trying to get a japanese ditto for like 33152524324 years now and nothing

i'm sick of people wanting arceus deoxys shaymin darkrai regigigas reshiram zekrom palkia lugia dialga ho-oh

as a matter of fact it's a lot harder

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Yeah, it's definitely possible. I got mine by trading by Zekrom for it, I mean, it's not like I use it or anything. Just change the country to Japan, they usually have at least some reasonable trades. If not, try Europe, like France and Spain and Germany and such.

Also, if you're not sure if it's Japanese or not, I'm not sure if it works for the other countries as well, but it should, just check the Pokedex entry of the pokemon. Let's say you think you have a Japanese Ditto, but it has its name in English, you can just check the Pokedex entry of Ditto. If it has a little "J" in a small box, then that means it's from Japan.

I hope this helped.

i took location japan and traded a entei for the ditto, and it didn't work T_T
but thanks :)
You can't trade pokemon that you got from events, so if it's the event Entei, it wouldn't work.
i mean i already traded entei a pretty long time ago and it was cought in game
Oh, okay.