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Awkward situation I found myself in.

I’m in a double battle. I selected Leech Seed on my Roselia. My Murkrow used Wing Attack and took out one of the opponents. Roselia leveled up, I think it’s learning Magical Leaf. I’m going to delete Leech Seed. However, after this, it’s Roselia’s turn to attack and I have her to use a move that I just deleted. What will happen?

I’m playing in Japanese and my Japanese is rusty and I’ve never had this happen before so help

update I have my answer. The Japanese wasn’t that hard to read LMAO do I just leave this up or do I answer myself or what?
I swore I saw a question like this once but I can't find it.
not a full answer, but
Multiple turn moves such as Outrage will continue to be performed even if the move is deleted between turns. This can happen in both Single and Double Battles.
source: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Move

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In gens 3-4, doing this will cancel out the move you were about to make, replacing it with the new move you just learned. In later games, you will still use the selected move even after it's been forgotten, but in the case of a multi-turn move, it can give rise to some interesting effects, namely this.

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I know I asked this, but I decided to go ahead and delete Leech Seed. I recorded it, too. I would leave this up for somebody else to answer but I think this is a very unique situation that would be hard to replicate.

It just used the move that was in the same slot of the deleted move. So it just used the new move instead.

Here’s the video as proof