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Totally lost in the memories of my youth, I remember 12-year old me looking at this little incomplete bridge in the center of Sendoff Spring and wondering what could possibly be the purpose of it, especially in the middle of a lake that supposedly is kept a secret from the majority of the Sinnoh region.

Basically, my question is, is there any known background information on it? It doesn't seem to go anywhere and also seems to be elevated considerably over the cratered lake.

It's there to annoy and disappoint people who try to use surf while standing on it.
it did a pretty good job, then

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I found this that says that the half finished bridge is a gateway for the deceased into the world beyond. This would make sense, as it is called "Sendoff" Spring. Maybe it's the place, you know, where they do a 21 gun salute or something like that. Based on the mysteriousness of the place, and the fact that there is a half finished bridge over a cave that houses the entrance to the Distortion world, (Pokemon version of the underworld,) and Giratina, who is the Pokemon god of Death and Antimatter, I think this explanation makes sense. Bulbapedia says this too, but it doesn't specify the bridge as the gateway to beyond.

I don't think there is any definitive reason for the bridge to be half complete, but this is the best that we can do.

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Bulbapedia says the Gracidea is in Floaroma Town, so the part about Shaymin is wrong. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Gracidea