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I'm playing Pokémon showdown and am trying to make a good non hackmon team with landorous-therian and explosion but I cant remember if there is an ability that removes the immunity from normal...

Lando-T isn't good in any Hackmons Gen which has a ladder on PS!.
And Explosion is bad tbh. Zygarde-C, Groudon and Groudon-Primal are, undoubtedly, better Ground-'s and would aid you more.
But, if you *do* want something on the lines of Explosion, Final Gambit + Scrappy Zygarde-C has a niche in USUM BH. Sevag trolled ITH with it once https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7balancedhackmons-1417645207.

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The ability you're thinking of is Scrappy, which allows the user to hit ghost-types with normal and fighting moves.

Alternatively, you could also use Aerilate, which changes the user's normal-types moves to flying-type, which lets you hit ghosts and gives you STAB on Landorus.

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oooh thanks:)
wait cant i just have misty explosion?? LOL
Misty Explosion has less than half of Explosion's power and is a special attack, so it won't be too good on Landorus.
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KRLW890, oh really i didnt know that? then i guess i wont use misty explosion. (btw i would'nt use the misty explosion on landorous, probably just on a mega gardevoir)