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I know Bulbasaur fares better than the other two Kanto starters in those games, and I'm fairly sure that the best starter in Kalos is Delphox, and Bulbasaur, but other than that I'm unsure on which starter fares best against their respective region's gym circuit. All the lists I've seen online have opinion involved in it, (often saying Greninja fares better cos Delphox is ugly and Greninja is cool.)

I really want to know which starter does best in every gen, because I have my opinions and theories, but I'd like to know the facts of the subject.

Oh in that case Swampert has an even better matchup than I first thought. If that's the case, then Swampert is definitely the best. Now that you mention it, the only thing that Swampert has to worry about is one Roselia somewhere. I can't exactly remember where it is. I think it was in the desert
Thanks for flags. I think this is not a duplicate question. A person may want to know which starters are best, but not want the assessment to be restricted to gym leaders.
Are gym leaders and the Elite 4 really all that you need to worry about in a playthrough? Rival battles and other significant battles exist, too, but not a single person has mentioned anything other than gym leaders and the Elite 4 in their answers.
No. I don't think any of the answers are great.
Here’s my opinions (I have a lot more to say about Gen 1 and 2 because they are my most-played games):

Gen 1:
All of the starters in this generation are fantastic. I personally prefer Charmander because even though it sucks early game, Charizard is the best late-game starter, specializing in high attack and special attack, making it a pretty good mixed sweeper. It’s only downside is it’s very hard to train and give it a good move set, and it has a 4x weakness to Rock. Squirtle is also very good, and is easily one of the most versatile starters ever. Blastoise is a phenomenal tank with a great move pool. Bulbasaur is good for beginners because it’s easy to raise, and more experienced players can do a lot with Venusaur. It’s a very good special tank with some good status moves like Sleep Powder and Synthesis. Plus, it has a great move pool and evolves the fastest out of any starter in Gen 1. So any of these are a great pick depending on your mood and time of day.

Gen 2:
For me on this one, I’d say Totodile without any shadow of doubt. It has a beastly attack stat, learns great moves like Slash and Rage, and evolves into its final evolution, Feraligatr the quickest of any starter in Gen 2. Use TMs to teach it Surf, Earthquake, and especially Ice Punch. A combo of those gives massive type coverage. You can annihilate Electric types, murder Grass types, destroy Lance’s dragons, Feraligatr’s just all-around amazing. The only problem is that there’s a lot of other really good Water types like Tentacruel and Wooper (watch Chuggaaconroy to learn why). Cyndaquil is also a good choice for Charmander users, but it evolves very late. However, it learns very good moves, and Typhlosion is a beast. Chikorita should really only be used for a challenging game, but in my opinion, Totodile’s the best pick by far.

Gen 3:
Torchic, easily. Blaziken is a freaking beast being a crazy mixed sweeper with great typing and great moves. Treecko is also a solid pick, with Sceptile being a surprisingly good mixed sweeper and one of Pokémon’s fastest Grass types. I’m not personally a fan of Mudkip, so I’d say go probably for Torchic, or maybe Treecko.

Gen 4:
For me, it’s Turtwig. This is because I just love the Grass-Ground typing of Torterra. It learns pretty decent moves, and it’s a crazy physical tank. However, it’s weakness is its special stats. Chimchar is also a good choice because Infernape is another really good mixed sweeper with HIGHER ATTACK AND SPECIAL ATTACK STATS than Blaziken, with its problem being how its more fragile than Blaziken, plus its move pool is very weird. Piplup is out of the question for me. I hate the Water-Steel typing. It just doesn’t work for me. So go with either Chimchar or Turtwig.

Gen 5:
I personally hate this generation and hate the starters. I prefer Oshawott because I dislike it more than Snivy and especially Tepig.

Gen 6:
Froakie. Need I say more? Greninja is one of the best sweepers ever. Fennekin is okay, and Chespin’s Grass-Fighting type is garbage, so I think it’s clear on who to go with.

Gen 7:
Honestly, Rowlet. It learns really good moves and Decidueye is so cool. It’s a Robin Hood-like mixed attacker, who by the way, IS A GHOST. Need I say more? This is our first starter who evolves into a Ghost type, only one of the best types there are. Litten is pretty good, and Popplio is mediocre, but Rowlet is my preference, and I think it’s the best one of Gen 7, and possibly of any generation because of how interesting, unique, and good it is.

Gen 8:
Don’t know, don’t care.

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here's the answer for your question with all the knowledge I have and with a bit of help with the video that MandJtv made aka micheal .

kanto gen 1 red/blue : bulbasaur, mainly because it one handedly handles brock then misty.after that heres the type match up lt.surge resists,erika resista,sabrina weak but wilk survive atleast one hit t counter,koga neutral,blaine weak,giovani strong

yellow : easy pikachu. because it is the only one.

gen 2 johto g/s/c :even though totodile does do a better with surf and strength but will lack power for e4. so cyndaquill the better starter. i've used it in silver and handled the ef alone almost had to switch here and there but mostly typhlosion handles everything with this moveset
fire pinch
thunder punch
earth quacke

gen 3 hoen r/s/e : mudkip but torchic close second. handels roxanne,wattson,flanner,tate and liza

gen 3 kanto fr/lg : bulbasaur same as gen 1 r/b

gen 4 d/p/plat : chimchar roark,gardenia,maylene's lucario,candice,byron

gen 4 hg/ss : totodile you can figure it out by watching micheal's can I beat Pokemon hg without cathcing any Pokemon.

gen 5 b/w/b2/w2 :piginite brycen burgh lenora

gen 6 x/y : as you said delphox,venasaur

gen 6 oras : again mudkip for same resons as gen 3 but with mega

gen 7 s/m/us/um : poplio handles almost half of the trials alone and with a creative move set maybe even more than half.

gen 7 lp/le : depending on version eevee for let's go eevee and pikachu for let's go pikachu

gen 8 sw/sh : scorbunny because it handles milo,melony for shield but not for sword and raihan's ace duraludon

gen 8 bd/sp ( with all info we have) : chimcahr same resons as gen 4

gen 8 legends arceus : we don't know a lot about it so far but we know that the starters are cyndaquill,rowlet,oshwat.

hope this helps because i'm an kid (12 years old) so please don't scold me I tried my best to give the best answer.
sorry in advance if you didn't like it

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OK, I agree with some people about different things.
First, Bulbasaur is the best Gen 1 starter.
This is because the first gym is Rock, the second gym is water, the third & fourth gyms are strong against Squirtle,
Giovanni's gym is Ground, and that's mostly it.

As for Gen 2, Totodile is the best, although they're all fun. This is because Jasmine's Steelix, Pryce's Piloswine, all of Brock's Pokemon, Blaine's Pokemon, Blue's Rhydon and Arcanine, Lance's Charizard and Aerodactyl, Bruno's Onix, and Karen's Houndoom are all weak to it.

Gen 3 gives us Mudkip as the best, though Treeco is a decent competitor (aside from weakness to Flannery's Pokemon). A total of 11 different Gym leader/Elite four Pokemon are weak to it.

Onto Gen 4; Turtwig and Chimchar are the best. Each one is super effective against 3 gym leaders and one elite 4 member.

Next up: Oschawott is the best for generation five.

Another close battle in gen 6: Fennekin and Froakie are both excellent Pokemon.
Fennekin is super effective against Viola, Ramos, Wulfric, Korrina if you evolve it into Delphox before you fight her, Diantha's Arourous & Gourgeist, and Wilkstrom.
Froakie is super effective against Grant, Olympia if you evolve into Greninja first, Diantha's Arourus and Tyranitar, Wilkstrom's Probopass, Malva, and Siebold's Starmie.

In Generation 7, Popplio is the best -- after evolving, it's super effective against 3 out of 4 Kahunas. Litten is also a decent contender, but not as good.

And finally gen eight. Sobble is great against Kabu, Gordie, and Melonie, and it's diverse movepool and absudly high special attack and speed help greatly.

What makes Oshawott the best for Gen V?
Snivy is weak to half of the Gyms, and Tepig is terrible against Caitlin and any water/pk types.
TBH, Snivy would be my pick for mainly stylistic reasons.
How is Sobble great against Melony when she’s an ice gym leader and her ace resists water?
I'd say Infernape is a bit better than Torterra in DPPt. A lot of grass, flying, and bug Pokemon resist all of Torterra's STAB moves, and no type resists all of Infernape's STAB moves. In Pt, Infernape learns thunder punch, and this fire fighting electric combination is resisted by only one Sinnoh Pokemon (Giratina), which is not used by any trainers. Infernape also has higher speed, which makes it easier to sweep entire teams.
> Tepig is terrible against Caitlin and any water/pk types.

Why would you use Emboar against Caitlin? It is awesome against Lenora, Brycen and Grimsley.

> Korrina if you evolve it into Delphox before you fight her...

Actually Braixen can beat her using Psybeam / Psyshock. Evolving Braixen before battling Korrina is... li'l difficult.
Primordial, Water type resists Ice, not the other way around. And, TastyMushroom, I usually drastically overlevel my Pokemon, and while Braixen beats her with Psy-beam/-shock, Delphox resists the attacks (which is even better.)
PrimardialSea wasn't saying that Ice resists water, they meant that Inteleon doesn't have much of an advantage over Melonie and her ace resists Inteleon's STAB. Any Pokemon functions well if you drastically overlevel them, and it's somewhat unrealistic to have a Delphox before Korrina.
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According to MandJTV's video:

The best starter in Kanto is Bulbasaur. It's good against the first two gyms (which Michael greatly emphasizes).

The best starter in Johto is Cyndaquil. The gyms of Ice, Bug, and Steel all have a weakness to Cyndaquil's Fire-typing. The other gyms that are weak to Water and Grass are in Kanto.

The best starter in Hoenn is Mudkip. It's good against the first few gyms of Rock, Electric, and Fire.

The best starter in Sinnoh is Chimchar. (Assuming you evolve it into a Monferno before taking on Roark) It's good against Roark, Gardenia (aka the first two gyms), Byron, and Candice.

The best starter in Unova is Tepig. Again, (if you evolve it into Pignite before taking on the 1st gym) it's good against Lenora, Burgh (the first few gyms), and Brycen.

The best starter in Kalos is Fennekin. The first gym is Bug.

The best starter in Alola is Popplio. It's great against ALL of the Kahuna battles as well as against Hala (by using your Fairy-moves), the Dragon-trial, and the Fire-trial.

The best starter in Galar is Scorbunny. The first gym is Grass.

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“The best starter in Kalos is Fennekin. The first gym is Bug.”

I mean, Chespin beats this gym easily with Rollout. I think you may want to explain a little more in-depth.

Also, Scorbunny beats the first gym, but struggles against the other two. This is the same for all 3 starters-they beat 1 of the first 3 and struggle against the other 2.
Nah fam you got it all wrong, Chikorita is obviously the best Johto starter prove me wrong.
If part of your explanation lies within your source, I'd very highly recommend that you add it to the best of your ability in your answer. You completely skipped literally everything mentioned in the video about X and Y other than the fact that Fennekin is good against the first gym. Same thing with Sword and Shield. You skipped pretty much everything.
@Shatter the Duskreon ^^^ add this to your answer
Siebold’s Gyarados has no flying move and Clemont’s emolga only has Aerial Ace, which although 4x super effective, isn’t absolutely devastating and is around 50% or so if I remember correctly. Your other points are good, though.