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I’ve used 16 boxes and only have a few left (I’m shiny hunting Masuda method). How can I get more room? Is it possible?


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Unfortunately there is no way to get more boxes, and the boxes cap out at 18 (540 Pokemon). The only way you can “get more room” is in later games, but it still caps out, it just doesn’t show more boxes until you have Pokemon in the original boxes it gives you.

So really you just have to release some Pokemon.

Sorry and I hope this helps-

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lol thanks for the input, much appreciated.
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The way to get more boxes in any Pokemon game since Gen 3 is to have at least one Pokemon in every box available. When that happens, leave and re enter the PC and you will have 8 more boxes.

If you have one Pokemon in every box and no new boxes spawn, that means you have the maximum amount of boxes. I do not know what the max is in HGSS, (I can test if you want,) but in Gen 5 the max is 24 boxes and Gen 6onwards the max is 32 boxes.

Source: experience

according to bulbapedia the feature actually started from Gen 5 onwards-