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How can I watch the series starring Pokémon Trainer Red for free? I live in England

Do you mean pokemon origins?
If you mean Pokemon Origins, it's available on Pokemon TV (Then again I don't live in in England so I dunno if they have that there...)
I watch mine on a site called 9anime to. Just replace the space with a dot

Apologies if that's not allowed because I legit don't know if that's pirated or not

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I assume you mean Pokemon Origins, as Googling 'Pokemom Trainer Red's Series' brings up nothing.

You can watch the episodes straight from Pokemon.com on their Pokemon TV provider. You will need to make an account with Pokemon.com to do so.

You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video using Amazon UK.

You can watch it on iTunes although this is quite a bit more expensive then the other options.

Pokemon TV is free. Amazon UK is about 4 pounds and iTunes is almost double that.

Hope I could help! Please let me know if I messed something up with regional purchasing.

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