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I have a Scizor with technician in Sword and I'm trying to give it a moveset that revolves around taking advantage of its ability. If the assurance user moves first, it has 60 base power, which would be boosted to 90 with technician. If the assurance user moved last, would it have 180 base power, or 120 as normal. (Note: this isn't for competitive)

https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Assurance_(move) says assurance does double damage if the user moves last, but its power stays the same. This means it still has 60 power and gets increased by technician.

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Battle 1 (With Technician)

Battle 2 (Without Technician)

In the first replay, where Scizor had Technician, Assurance did 34%. In the second replay, where Scizor didn't have Technician, Assurance did 20%. So Assurance is boosted by Technician when you are hit first.

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