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Hi, I am completing the national dex. I have to start with any Pokemon so, I decided to go with the highest growth rate Pokemon.
And can you suggest some Pokemon to start with pls.
Thank you :)

is it the swsh national dex?
What level do you want to raise your Pokemon to? Medium slow Pokemon take the least experience to reach level 25, fast takes the least to reach level 50, and erratic takes the least to reach level 100.

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the best Pokemon in growth rate is the "Pokémon in the Erratic experience group"

alphabetical order (swsh national dex)
- altaria
- anorith
- appletun
- applin
- armaldo
- cradily
- feebas
- flapple
- lileep
- milotic
- nincada
- ninjask
- shedinja
- swablu


Hope I helped!

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The thing about erratic leveling rate is that it starts very slow and gets faster at high levels. At level 25, the fastest leveling rate is medium slow. At level 50, the fastest leveling rate is fast.
So should i put the "fast growth rate pokemon"?
I don't know. The question was not very specific.
i kinda agree, @Pokemen7 can you be more specific?