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I found this silhouette while browsing Pokemon Center Japan's website. I hope someone can help. Thank you.

First thoughts were Bidoof, then meh.
Why's it tagged "Japan"?
It *is* correct but incomplete, I guess?
Looks like some old or slightly different version of Thwackey.  It's got the same foot stance and tail shape (sort of), plus something in the hair that could be Thwackey's sticks, just shorter.
For staff: I flagged because i want to know if “we don’t know yet” is a valid answer
Nothing wrong with that except maybe it's wrong.

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Based on the comments and my very extensive knowledge of Pokémon, I can promptly say we don’t know.

It’s possible it’s a scrapped Gen 8 design, or possibly even Gen 9 design, but there’s no sources right now to clarify. As far as I (and others), can tell, this doesn’t belong to any particular “released” Pokémon.

I hope this makes sense! I’ll be sure to update if any new information about it comes out. In the meantime, I hope this helps.

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