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I'm doing a nuzlocke and beat up to misty with no casualties and the team I'm rolling with right who are all also at the level cap are Wartortle, Pidgeoto, Raticate, Beedrill(best bug type by far), Gloom and Golbat.

Also this is a hardcore nuzlocke where I can only use Pokemon who have bst of more than 300 and have a bst less/equal too 500.

If I had got Geodude in Mt. Moon It would have been easy but luck was not on my side and got a zubat who I allowed because it evolves into golbat that is viable but didn't use it else where in any major battles only wild Pokemon battle to train up same as pidgeoto and raticate.

The other 2 gyms brock and misty were easy but lt.surge is bad as three are weak to it, 1 resists,one is neutral and the other is ok.

How can I beat him with less causalties?

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Long Answer Short, Dugtrio

Dugtrio is a well rounded Ground type that has a BST of 425. You're guaranteed to get one in a Nuzlocke, as you can get either it or its pre-evolution in Diglett's Cave, which you can access right before the Lt. Surge fight. It can outspeed Lt. Surges ace (Raichu) if they're both evenly leveled, and can even help with Koga, Blaine, Agatha, and Blue's Arcanine and Rhydon. If you're willing to replace one of your team members so Dugtrio can have a place on the team, I suggest Golbat, because of type overlap, and how the evolutions for Gloom and Pidgeotto fit into your ruleset, while Golbat must stay as one, due to Crobat's BST being above 500.
Source: Experience, as well as this

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This will work and also digllet is usable in my rule set
I thought it couldn't since it's under 300 BST
in my rule set yes.I explained it with golbat.