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So I was watching this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vid4jU39czI
One of them is about to win, but then another one of them found a Zygarde in Santalune Forest. He threw a pokeball with saying "Santalune Forest, the capture is guaranteed".
I was searching it but can't find anything, so is this real?

note: they are playing randomizer, which probably playing with a ROM, but does this counted as a ROM question? i dont think so :)


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I think you linked the wrong video. I couldn’t find anything about X or Y there. A time stamp would be helpful if it’s right.

Anyways, those guys are actually idiots. I’ve never seen poketubers more dumb and uneducated than them and they make me cringe whenever I watch them. I wouldn’t trust anything they say tbh.

I’ve never even heard of that. The first encounter you get after pokeballs is 100% capture and 100% level 3 pidgey, but that’s before the forest.
@Smoothie it was around 14:00
Oh i forgot to put the time stamp, sorry. Thanks celestial for the time stamp :)

Well, yeah those guys are kinda uneducated, except for one of them... The one who said my question, now im confused :/ although im still gonna watch them.

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It shouldn't. As there are no external sources that say otherwise. I also had a scatterbug break out once

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now this makes me more confused :/
thanks for answering tho, but im still waiting if there is anyone that find something.