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Is the chance for a flinch ever considered better than the extra power that psychic has?

Is this competitive or in-game? What format/rules are you playing with?

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The extra power is almost always better than the flinch chance, supported by the fact psychic also has its own not bad secondary effect.

The only Pokemon that may use extrasensory over psychic would be Pokemon with the ability serene grace, like togekiss. serene grace doubles the chance of secondary effects, so repeatedly flinching the opponent is better than not doing that with psychic, without serene grace the chance is too small for extrasensory to be better.

Hope this helps.

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Why use Extrasensory over Air Slash on Togekiss?
I never said use extrasensory over air slash, you could have them both if you wanted. It was an example where you would use extrasensory over psychic.
I think a better reason is to point out that Pokemon that get Extrasensory and not Psychic, eg. Greninja.
Then that wouldn't make any sense. The question had the word 'over' so that would mean that the asker is asking about mons that gets both moves otherwise it would be one or the other
Like Kreepy Krawly said, it wouldn't make sense to compare extrasensory over psychic if the pokemon in question only gets one. There isn't a choice there.
Both Extrasensory and Air Slash have flinch chances, having both allows for better coverage against Rock and Electric types, or any Poison types with more bulk.
I suppose that's fair @Cicada and Krawly.