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so I dont have the game yet, and wondering if the void glitch is still there.
i wanted to know how to do it and might as well try it when I have the game (but if its break the game, I wont do it)


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The Void Glitch still exists in BDSP, but there is a very different way to do it. In other words, the infamous ‘Slow Bike Tweak’ is patched. Using this glitch can unlock a planned future event of Shaymin that will probably be released in 2022.
It’s kinda complicated so I do not know how to explain it. All I know is that it exists and you can get Shaymin out of it.

source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1kqSeaFsGE

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ILCA is the company who made pokemon BDSP, didnt they tell us who made it when they first time announce it?
Well it is possible to go to Newmoon Island, but there is an invisible wall blocking the path, and even if you do manage to get in..........
no-one home
So the newmoom island is still there but the darkrai isnt?
yes, and it is impossible to access as there will be an invisible wall, and even if you manage to get past, no one is home.
Aah, little hope but get ruined :(
Thanks for the information!