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So I need an Ice type for the elite four in Brilliant Diamond. I’ve decided on Weavile, fast, strong attack stats, hopefully it will out speed Garchomp. However, I need three different egg moves.
Fake Out, Ice Shard, Throat Chop. Could anyone tell me how to obtain these moves? Thank you!
Also is that one mechanic from swsh in bd? The one where when you put a Pokémon of the same species in the daycare, with another of the same species, egg moves get passed over.

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Egg moves should be passed over if you put a pokemon with another of the same species. As long as they can breed and the male has the egg move, I think the baby should get it.
The Sw/Sh mechanic you mentioned is in BD/SP.
Ok glad that mechanic is in BD/SP

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This one has a lot of holes to jump through, just as a heads up.

The first thing to do is find a sneasel in the grand underground that knows fake out, which might take a bit, but after you get it you can go evolve it (before lvl 60 because it misses night slash if you evolve it past 60). You can then go to the move reminder and reteach it ice shard (because weavile has ice shard as a lvl.1 move), and it gets night slash later down the line. Since it is impossible to have a weavile with throat chop and fake out, don’t question it, just get night slash since you are mainly using it for garchomp

Hope this helps!

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This doesn't answer the question.
It *is* possible to have Weavile with Throat Chop and Fake Out. The egg move transfer method asker alludes to is one simple way to do it.
This does help, Its better than breeding 4 different sneasles, This way I just need one. Night Slash Is much better than Throat Chop and is more accessible.
the question is asking how to BREED one, not how to catch one.
Its my question please stop downvoting him, I liked his answer.
The problem is that you asked a question saying "how to breed xyz moves" and selected an answer that does not say how to breed xyz moves (and actually says that you can't, which is just false).
It's great that you liked it, but it's not a helpful answer to other people reading the question in the future and thus it gets downvoted. We're allowed to vote how we want.
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For these three moves, breeding a Sneasel like this would probably look something like this:

Catch a female Sneasel in the Underground with Throat Chop. (No Pokemon in BDSP can learn Throat Chop through level up. Not sure if breeding with Smeargle would work.)

Breeding a male Glameow/Purugly that knows Fake Out with the Sneasel until you get a female Sneasel.

Breed THAT Sneasel with a male Swinub/Piloswine/Mamoswine that knows Ice Shard until you get another female Sneasel.

The last two steps can be done in either order. If Smeargle CAN pass down Throat Chop (and can be obtained with Throat Chop), let me know and I'll edit this post.

Edit: I believe that Smeargle can indeed pass down Throat Chop

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That sure is a lot of steps, Thanks for the detailed answer! I’d upvote it but I only have 22 points =/
Smeargle could theoretically sketch Throat Chop from a Heracross that got it through level-up.