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So I want a Weavile with both these priority moves (playing Gen V, but have previous generations if neccessary), but I can't see how to get it. Seems like it is a case of picking one or the other.

It may be that I am understanding egg moves wrong, but I'd appreciate any help you guys can offer.


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Level a sneasel up to lv 49 when it can learn ice shard.
Dont evolve its a prior evolution move only.
Only level the sneasel up if it was bread from a male (Pokemon in this link given)
and female weavile.

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I didn't even think to check Sneasel's learnset. I am officially an idiot. Sir, I am in your debt.
;) your not an idiot lol im guessing you did the first thing i did and assumed they were both only obtainable by egg moves.