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Im wondering about my darmanitan's fire punch and golurk's (i called it goliath :D) shadow punch

First, level 100 darmanitan with maxed attack EV with sheer force and charcoal using fire punch that gets STAB

Second, level 100 golurk with maxed attack EV with iron fist and spell tag using shadow punch that gets STAB

Will someone count me the base power the move will become? I cant count it because i dont know the formula...............and my laziness (oh my.....)

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Shadow Tag or Spell Tag? :D

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First, I would suggest that Darmanitan will use Flare Blitz, as it gets boosted By Sheer Force, and I think that Charcoal is useless, either go with Choice Band, or Life Orb that gets boosted by Sheer Force.

[email protected] Charcoal (Fire Punch)

(75)x(1.2)x(1.3)x(1.5)=175 BP

[email protected] Band (Flare Blitz)

(140)x(1.5)x(1.5)x(1.3)=409 BP

[email protected] Tag

(60)x(1.5)x(1.2)x(1.2)=129 BP

The Attack EV's you gave me would not help if the Pokemon you're battling against is unknown, so it's a useless information.

Well im new to ev thingy, thanks though...