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I'm guessing Shadow Ball took its place. Also, have there been any other TM changes for the first 50 TMs between the Generation 3 games and also between generation 3 and 4?

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Shadow Punch was introduced in Gen III, and was never a TM.

The Good Ol' 8-bit days had lots of weird TMs, though, like Explosion, Selfdestruct, Water Gun, Seismic Toss, and even Dragon Rage. The elemental beams (Flamtethrower, Ice Beam, Thunder bolt), their stronger relatives, Along with Rest and Double Team, have always been around as TMs, and even keeping their number through all these years!

Gen 2 had weird ones too, and the TMs have stayed the same since Gen 3, only havng the number rise from 50, to 92, between Gen III and IV.

All there's left to do is see what Gen V has in store for these TMs (Or, according to Pokemaster's B/W leak, the "HMs").

Explosion is now a TM again (Water Gun was a weird TM, although I always taught it to the low leveled Rattata I carrid around at the start.) Hmmm. My Ruby/Sapphire guide says that Shadow Punch was a TM. However, that guide has a ton of wrong information, so it was probably a mistake. Who should I trust? Guide that is wrong a lot, or narwhals, who isn't wrong...
Hahaha, isn't it obvious? :P

Does it say what the TM # Shadow Punch has, as they claim it to be?
I really hope that doesn't happen in B/W. HMs are fine because they are actually needed in the game. Also, if we want TMs again, I like having to work for them, doing the Battle Tower for the best ones. Plus, now every Pokemon is going to have Earthquake who can! No challenge at all to it!
I checked and it said TM 30.
That is the same TM as Shadow Ball. Thanks narwhals!
This is true. Earthquake on every Pokemon will make Pokemon EXTREMELY redundant.

However, if the leak is true, then I'd say they're doing a complete overhaul on how these new "HMs" will work. Maybe they'll only be able to be taught when you have certain badges (With the "____" badge, you can now utilize TMs 01-25, maybe?).

Or maybe the moves will be completely different (similar to in-between Gen I, II, and III, when the moves kept getting switched around).

EDIT: Not a problem! It's what's we're all here for, hahaha.
So since you usually get Earthquake in Victory Road, they might think you have earned it (I still don't like it.) You are probably right about the TM overhaul.
Good thinking with the badge thing. That might be a possibility.