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I am currently playing Pokemon SoulSilver Nuzlocke, and I need my Typhlosion's best moveset. Which move is better for Typhlosion - Flamethrower or Fire Blast?

My current moveset is :->
Focus Blast
Flamethrower/Fire Blast
Choice Scarf
Timid Nature (almost same as Smogon)

Also suggest me the last move to be used for Typhlosion.

I think flamethrower is better for Nuzlockes because fire blast has low accuracy, which is bad for Nuzlockes. I recommend using either hyper beam or dig for your last move, because a lot of Pokemon resist both fire and fighting. Dig is also super effective against a lot of stuff.
@sumwun I think you should turn that into an answer.

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For you I would definitly go with Flamethrower.

Why? Well lets see how they're compared.

Flamethrower has a 90 base damage and 100% percent accuracy, and its learnt by leveling up your Typhlosion.
Fire Blast, even though it has 110 base damage, has 85% percent accuracy and you have to buy the TM for it for $5,500 in Golden Rod City Gamecorner. I don't know about you but I wouldn't want to spend that much time trying to get the money.

Now that we've decided for Flamethrower, let's look at your Typhlosion.
Nature: Timid
Held item: Choice Scarf
Focus Blast

That is the moveset I would go with if I were you. I mainly choose dig because sumwun recommended it. But let's take a look at it anyway.
Dig has a base power of 80 damage and 100% accuracy in SoulSilver. Dig also takes two turns to use, you might want to be cautious about that. Dig is a TM that you can get for free in National Park, or if your to lazy to do that you could buy it at the Celadon City Department Store for $2,000.
(Which is still better than Fire Blast.)

Source: Pokemon Database

Hoped I helped!

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