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I really don’t want to lose my shiny collection

I’m getting the OLED tomorrow morning because my current switch is practically dead, so I’m gonna transfer my save data but….. but will my Swsh, let’s go pikachu/Eevee, BDSP and home data remain?

I’m very scared lol help

Maybe these will help? https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/259372-pokemon-sword/79579280 and https://game8.co/games/pokemon-sword-shield/archives/273738
Also pokemon does not support cloud saves i think (saw it on google).
You can transfer if you have a Nintendo switch online membership and save it to the data cloud. If you download on the eshop you don’t have to worry but game card, you have to send to the data cloud or you transfer all your Pokémon to Pokémon home. Pokémon. home is linked to your account/email.

Hope I helped
BDSP isn’t connected to home, and I’m pretty sure Pokémon games aren’t compatible with the cloud

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I risked it and here are the results.

First, I set it up with the same Nintendo ID I use. Once both Switches have the same Nintendo ID, I went to Settings -> Data Management -> Transfer Your Save Data and then sent Pokémon to my OLED. I have my save data on my new switch now