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I've never played B2W2 and thought of doing a challenge mode game, but I didn't know how to so I did some research. I saw B2 challenge mode, but didn't get anything related to W2 so is there one for W2?

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This thread answers your question on how to get it: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/95611/how-when-and-where-do-you-get-and-activate-challenge-mode

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Course' there's one!

However It's utterly complicated to be able to play it. In order to play the whole game in Challenge Mode, you must first delete your previous save file permanently (UP+SELECT+B) on the title screen and ask someone else with a B2 Copy to transfer the challenge key to your current W2 game (with the save deleted). If you only wanted to play the postgame in Challenge Mode however, you don't need to delete your save file - You'd only need someone to transfer the key to your game.

In B2, you will gain access to the Challenge Mode Key after defeating the champion, however in W2 you will obtain the Easy Mode Key instead.

Gamefreak at its finest. Good luck with that, and hope this helps!

Source (All Gameplay Modes in BW2)

About Save File Deletion and Key Transferring Needed

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I think you can play the post-game in challenge mode if you don't delete your save file.
You should add that you don't let the challenge mode key in w2, only the easy mode key.