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I beat the E4 with a single shiny Roserade the first time around, so she was over levelled significantly. I now have a proper full team, but they’re only in the 40’s after a few hours of grinding and EV training.

What would be the optimal place to grind levels for the E4 rematch? What level should I grind my new team to for the rematches?

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You should get everyone within five levels of Cynthia's ace

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For Level Grinding, there is Ace Trainer Ariana on Route 228 who has a Chansey, a Rapidash, and an Ambipom.
You can rematch her using the VS Seeker after walking 100 Steps.

For the E4 Rematches, their levels range from 65 - 78 from Aaron's weakest to Cynthia's strongest.
The 2nd rematch, Their levels range from 75 - 88.

Of course, you will need a Lucky egg for maximum Leveling and a bit of switch training.
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Check this guide: https://game8.co/games/Pokemon-Brilliant-Diamond-Shining-Pearl/archives/346322

You basically get a lucky egg and kill Pokemon you see in Pokemon hideaways in the grand underground.