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The Fuego Ironworks has spin tiles that allow you level up in the daycare, some of them push you back different amounts so which tile is the best to grind on?

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I don't think it makes much of a difference, as long as you run into a tile that pushes you back to where you started. You'll always run half of your steps and spin the other half of your steps.
Just find a loop
pretty sure there are no infinite loops. If there are, then you wouldn't be able to leave the loop to pick up your overpowered level 100 Pokemon.
I mean a loop that you have to purposely continue

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The tile that pushes you the most is the one 7 right and 6 tiles up from the entrance. It sends you 14 tiles up and can be walked on again by just holding down so you can just be afk with the down key held and get lots of exp in the day care. There are other tiles that do the same thing though so it doesn't matter, since the amount of exp you get is the amount of tiles you walk.