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Here's the thing, I've been trying to get Spiritomb for weeks now, I've talked to several NPCs in The Underground, but the message on Hallowed Tower is simply frozen in: "Is the tower shaking ever so slightly"?, this message is already frozen on a long time, I've been to three different areas of The Underground, I've been to an area I've never been in, I've talked to more than 10 NPCs in that area, and still, the message remains the same, and then?

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Don't you have to talk to all the NPCs in the Grand Underground?
Yeah. There’s 32 of them.

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You have to talk to 32 unique NPCs or real players in the Underground, not 10.


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To add, they have to be unique npcs. This means they can’t be the same. For example, you might find (Bob) in one area, go to another and find (Bob) there again. Even if you talk to him in two different areas, it only counts as one.

I believe progressing in the game and different areas unlock different NPCs. (Clarification needed). You can also talk to real life players instead if you have Online.