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This happened on the second turn of a match and it said this:

Zeraora used Plasma Fists!
(The opposing Dusknoir lost 38% of its health!)
A deluge of ions showers the battlefield!
(Normal-type moves become Electric-type after using Plasma Fists.)

The opposing Dusknoir used Disable!
[Zeraora's Volt Absorb]
It doesn't affect Zeraora...

Why did it not get disabled and what effect does Volt Absorb has on it?

This is the replay which you can refer as well.

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Normal-type moves become Electric-type after using Plasma Fists

You literally have the answer in the question. Plasma Fists changes Normal-type moves into Electric-type including status moves like Disable, causing Volt Absorb to activate.

Plasma Fists inflicts damage. In the remainder of the current turn, all Normal-type moves will become Electric-type, including status moves.


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I knew it changed normal type damaging moves into electric but didn't knew it did the same for status normal type moves.