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Just wondering where to get the peat block in Pokémon: Legends Arceus.



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The best location to look for Peat Blocks is in the Crimson Mireland, close to where players can find Hearty Grains for Request 23. Players will need to use their Treasure Detector while riding an Ursaluna, looking for anything that flashes yellow in the area. Make sure to bring along a Pokemon that can dig up items, as players won't be able to dig them up for themselves. There are plenty of items that players can get by digging in the Crimson Mirelands, so don't expect a Peat Block to be the first thing dug up. Keep looking for new treasures with the Detector until a Peat Block is found.


Peat Blocks can sometimes be obtained by breaking the shaking ores in an area. Breaking these ores will often cause a Geodude or Graveler to pop out, but like Ursaluna, these are great methods of finding evolutionary items, so be sure to break them if you encounter one.

and lastly,

Peat Blocks can often be obtained by completing requests. Request 86: Gone Astray...in the Icelands


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Thanks, that really helped.