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Hi everyone,

So I am currently playing Pokémon brilliant diamond and I am wondering if/how it’s possible to hatch a Lucario from an egg (trying to get good IV’s). I know that you can hatch a snorlax straight from an egg - so I’m wondering why it’s not the same for Lucario? I’ve tried two Lucarios, Lucario plus everstone, Lucario and ditto - but nothing works.

Does anyone know the reason why???


Edit: Thanks for everyone’s answers! I was trying to skip the friendship phase (as mean as that may make me sound)! It makes sense now :)

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Curiosity question -- what's to stop you from breeding the Riolu for IVs, then evolving it to a Lucario?
PhailRaptor, it’s safe to assume they are going to breed the offspring with the parent to get better IVs, then then breed the offspring with the offspring to create even better IV Pokémon.  since you can’t breed Riolu, you would have to evolve them via friendship before you can re-breed like that, which is an absolute pain. Breeding parent-to-child is the best way to produce high IV Pokémon, as sus as it sounds >_>

Basically, if you have two average lucario, most likely you’ll only produce average to slightly above average riolu. Taking each slightly better riolu and evolving them to then rebreed and reevolve is really time consuming.

I’m sure OP thinks if there was a way to skip the riolu evolving stage, it would be significantly faster. Which it would be, but unfortunately you can’t directly breed into lucario.

And it’s near impossible to get a perfect IV offspring from a low IV Pokémon. You have to chain breed, or breed already almost perfect Pokémon.

Source: I’ve done lots of IV breeding in the past

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You can get Snorlax from an Egg because Munchlax requires a special item (the Full Incense). Riolu doesn't, so you'll only be hatching Riolu Eggs. The evolved Pokemon (instead of babies) you can get from Eggs are:

Mr. Mime


Thus, you will never legitimately hatch a Lucario from an Egg, as Riolu doesn't require Incense.

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