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Cressalia, Lake Trio, Heatran, etc.

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In what scenario? Did you catch them, defeat them, or something else.
When you defeat them.
I know the Vespiquen definitely doesn't
With the Legendaries, I know you have to catch them.  I defeated Azelf and Heatran and it made me battle them again because I had to catch him.
@J™ could you make that into an answer?
I'm not certain it is all of them though

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Yes, for the most part

If you knock out a plate legendary, you are greeted with a “try again” message and are brought back to the beginning of the encounter (with all the EXP and stuff you gained from your legendary-killing).

The Vespiquen, however, doesn’t respawn after knocking it out, but it gives you the insect plate anyways. It’s just a Vespiquen; you can find another one if you need it

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Great, now to grind for hours against a Mespirit.