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I was thinking about using Huntail in my BDSP playthrough because I like him, and it looked like he could pull his weight with swift swim, and his decent bulk and Atk. So is he worth using in terms of Stats+Acessibility?

I'm pretty sure Clamperl isn't obtainable before the league.
**** the national dex
It's not only obtainable with the National Dex. Clamperl is a 5% chance catch with Super Rod on Route 219 and 221. Still, it's post game.
How early can I get the Super Rod? And can someone just answer the question so I can know if it is even worth the trouble!
Super Rod is post game. Also, I doubt Huntail is worth it, because, as I said before, it's post game.
The earlier comment about routes 219 and 221 is correct. So is he worth it with Stats if I trade for one?

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Huntail is not worth using, unless you have someone willing to trade it over to you. Even then, it's not one of the best Water-types. It does have decent stats, but it's slow and there are better Water-type Pokemon, like Empeleon, Gastrodon, or Gyarados which are obtained without trading, plus it might take a while to actually use the Huntail because it will be somewhat high level if it's traded. Clamperl is only obtainible after obtaining the Super Rod (The Super Rod can be found post game in the Fight Area. Look at this for more information.) and fishing in Route 219 and 221 with the Super Rod, or going to Fountainspring Cave, Riverbank Cave, or Still-Water Cavern after obtaining the National Dex.


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Ok. *Sighs* Maybe you'll be buffed in Gen 9 Huntail.
While Huntail DOES have lackluster speed, it can solve its speed issue in the form of Shell Smash, and can sweep through the opponents team. If you're willing to trade to get a Huntail however, there isn't much stopping you from getting a much more better Water type Pokemon through trading.
Looks like the rod required is locked behind NatDex. Gaaa!