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I’m playing legends Arceus, and I’ve been in the same area for over two hours, and not a single time-space distortion has formed. I thought you were guaranteed a distortion after 40 minutes?

For some more details:

  • I am actively running around and fighting Pokémon within the Obsidan Fieldlands. I have not left the area.
  • I have used Thunder on Raichu over 50 times, a 75 accuracy move with 5 PP, if you doubt how long I’ve been here (lol).
  • The does game appear to be bugged since it’s been raining for 5 minutes every 10 minutes. I don’t think that’s normal.
  • I have been resting at the campsite, but I didn’t think this affected the timer.
  • I set a timer 20 minutes ago just to verify my dissociation isn’t funking with my time perception.
  • The strong-spot alphas have respawned countless times already.

In conclusion, I think my game is bugged and that’s why it hasn’t spawned a time-space distortion, but I just want to verify if I’m doing something wrong. Can someone please list how exactly a time-space distortion forms, and point out where I’m going wrong with this? does it reset when I rest at the site or something?

I’m gonna continue mass murdering everything in the meantime.

Thank you


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Your game most likely isn't bugged.

While a space-time distortion is guaranteed to appear after 40 minutes, resting to a specific time of day will reset the timer that decides whether a distortion appears or not.

So, if you've been resting in camp until, say, the next morning over and over, then problem solved. Just rest for "a little while" instead.

If, however, you've been resting for a little while constantly for two hours and a distortion hasn't appeared, then I guess your game must be bugged... but let's hope it isn't.


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Yeah, I’ve been doing the “just a little while” just for PP purposes. I hope leaving the area helps it. Thanks!