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I'm asking about the move. According to its bulbapedia page, metronome randomly calls a move. My question is what kind of random move does it call? Is it limited to whatever moves your team has or does it call one of the god knows how many moves there are in total? Also, is metronome the move that causes the user to use a random move from its teammates or was it a different move?

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If you want the version that calls from among the moves known by the rest of your team and nothing else, look for Assist, not Metronome.

Metronome can call almost any move in the game, minus its own exclusion list which varies depending on the game (for example, you won't get it to call Sketch or Protect, no matter how often you try). The Bulbapedia page you checked should have this table laid out already.

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Metronome is a move that when used, will execute almost any move in the game, regardless if any of your Pokemon know it or not. It's a fun move and all but I don't recommend you try to use it in any serious battles such as a gym leader.

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