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My Emboar is Ev'd in HP & Attack with only 163 speed. I'm choosing between Hammer Arm and Low Sweep as it's STAB fighting move. Now, if I take Hammer Arm, I reduce my already low speed but do great damage. But with Low Sweep I reduce the enemy's speed by 1 with only 60 base damage. Is it a bad idea trying to reduce the enemy's speed, as mine could be too low to out speed them?

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Emboar is way too slow to chance outspeeding the foe (unless you happen to be up against Ferrothorn and the like, but that doesn't count). Hammer Arm is a better choice, as it hits hard, and your Speed stat is of no importance, and can in fact help Emboar if you use it with Trick Room.

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Go with hammer arm. Alot of pokemon have alot more than that. If you lower their speed, you will probably not outrun them. If you have gyro ball, hammer arm is perfect. Emboar is usually not very fast (a maximum of 251 which isnt much) & he is used as a slow sweeper because of his high attack/ Sp attack, or a wall when you teach him curse. I would go with hammer arm because it can 3HKO them in the worst of cases unless it is a flying, psychic or both.

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Choose hammer arm and give your emboar a QUICK CLAW. Thats the item i give to my emboar that is the best ideal to make your emboar fast . I picked emBoar as a starter pokemon

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