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I have Pokemon Blue, Silver (planning to get crystal for celebi), Emerald, Platinum, Black, Black 2, Alpha Sapphire, Ultra Moon, Sword, Legends Arceus, Brilliant Diamond, and Violet. Are these games enough to complete a living dex?

I don't know if I should put this as an answer if this isn't what your looking for, but if you have both XY, ORAS, USUM, SwSh, PLA and SV, you can get every non-mythical Pokemon in history.

With the introduction of SV you may be able to remove either X or Y from that list but I am not sure.
Lol McRib I put the exact same games as a comment under the answer :)
Yeah I didn't see that until after I posted mine

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You need Scarlet to get the gen 9 exclusives and Shield for gen 8 exclusives (unless you are including tradeable Pokémon, in which case... yeah, you're set).

Consider Pokémon GO as well to help you out.

Here is a useful link for you to use.

Note that event only Pokémon are unavailable if you missed said events.

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Isn’t Shield needed as well, for version exclusives like Zamazenta? Also, to add, a simple(r) way to obtain a Living Dex is to get all Gen 6 games, USUM, SwSh, PLA, and SV (not including mythicals like Celebi and not including version exclusives).