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Because I want my Partner Cyndaquail to evolve into a Quilava VERY badly,at what point in the game can you evolve?


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After you beat darkria in dark crator you should be able to evolve yourself and you partner. but be careful the dungeon is tough youll need reviver seeds.

Edit:also you must get manaphy to join your team and unlock the Marine Resort. Manaphy will tell you about it when had him on your team for a while

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who voted me down my answer is right exept i forgot to add you need luminous spring because i thought that was kinda you should know that
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You need to have unlocked luminous springs. Here is a link to help you out. http://serebii.net/dungeon2/evolve.shtml
Hope this helps!

Edit: Instrucions
1) You must defeat Primal Dialga.
2) Pass the Guild's Challenge.
3) Defeat Darkrai at the end of the extended story.
4) Recruit Manaphy at Sharpedo Buff and recruit palkia.
5) Unlock Marine Resort. You do not need to complete it. Thanks pokewattkid!

Edit 2: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/16260/evolve-pokemon-pokemon-mystery-dungeon-explorers-darkness This question has already been asked.

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Aw poop,I`m stuck in amp plains and cant get out...Stupid Luxray
p.S. you evolve it in the luminous springs itself
to beat luxray, catch an elektrike on I3F-9F. Lightningrod will negate all of the electric attacks used by luxray
you dont have to recruit dialga or palkia just manaphy
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You do have to recruit Palkia in addition to Manaphy.
no you dont trachy i just done it yestarday i was a swampert when i recruited palkia and i started as a mudkip
you dont gotta beat palkia smart one...
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Once you have unlocked the luminous springs you can evolve.

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You must defeat Darkrai first. Afterwards, talk to the two Ursaring and they will tell you Luminous Spring feels different.That means that the fabric of space has returned to normal and you(The main characters)may evolve when needed. Also, Manaphy must be recruited and the Marine Resort must be unlocked. Though you can evolve any of your recruited Pokemon right after you unlock Luminous Spring.

Good luck in defeating Darkrai :)

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your wrong you dont need to complete mariane resort
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