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It is random, but you can also pass down dream world abilities.

If you are trying to pass down a non dream world ability, then it will be a random choice between the pokemon's regular abilities(If it has 2 normal abilities, it would be a 50/50 chance of getting either ability) If you want to pass down a dream world ability, the mother ( the gender doesn't matter if you use a ditto to breed) will pass down the dream world ability 40% of the time.

Everstone doesn't do anything with the ability. It passes down the nature 50% of the time.

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edited by didnt reallly need to say that. a dream world ability IS and ability.
Dream World abilities work differently though. Fathers don't pass down DW abilities, and it's 40% instead of the expected 33% (if there are 3 abilities total).
Sorry if this answer is confusing. This was the best I could explain it...
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Bye holding an everstone you are 50% more likely to get the smae nature/ability. other than that random.

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Everstone is not for ability, it's nature only.