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My friend told me that they could, is it true? If so how?

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I think that this is what he means:
If the mother has their ability in slot 1, then the baby has an 80% chance of hatching with that ability, and 20% for the second ability and viceversa if the mother has the ability in the second slot.
-So if you put the mother in slot one of the daycare, there is an 80% chance that the ability will be passed down and a 20% chance that it wont.
-If you put the mother in slot 2 there is a 20% chance that its ability will be passed down and an 80% chance that it wont be passed down.

However, this does not work if you use a ditto. It is still a 50/50 chance to get either ability.
But do note that this is only in B2/W2.
For hidden abilities, it does not matter which slot they are in. If the mother is in either slot and has a hidden ability there is a 60% chance that the hidden ability will be passed on.

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what about if the pokemon i'm trying to breed is genderless with a ditto, like for instance; bronzor
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No you cannot pass down abilities unless the Pokemon you are trying to breed already has the same ability as its mother, and dream world abilities can be passed on if the mother and the baby can have it(credit to Mew)

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