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Such as Avalanche or any "room" moves? Because Sketch is in stage 0 in speed priority, so it will move before Avalanche or other lower speed priority moves take place.

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There is a way - You'll need Sleep Talk on the pokemon with the negative priority moves, and make sure he's asleep. Because Sleep Talk negates the priority of every move, if you'll outspeed Smeargle, the Smeargle would Sketch it.

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r u sure?try it already?
anyway tq for the answers!
n oh yeah i forgot something important, i play in B/W and it hard to find pokemon that can learn sleep talk and avalanche (yes i need to teach avalanche to smeargle to breed it to other pokemon)
That's another problem, I can't do anymore for you, and yes, I did tried that out.
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it look like i must answer my question myself,,hahaha
noone out there know "QUASH" move?? OK,open
so,,go to triple battle and use quash on smeargle,,and then the other pokemon use avalanche or any other lower speed priority moves and then smeargle will sketch it,,,but i not tried that yet,,anyone?

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