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If you breed 2 shiny pokemon, would pokemon in the egg be a shiny pokemon too? If not, then is the chance if it being one higher than all other pokemon?

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I believe i asked something very similar to this.

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Whether or not the parent is shiny does not affect the rate of a shiny egg appearing. The only way to increase the rate of shinies is by using the masuda method. This increases the chance of the egg being shiny from 1/8192 to 1/ 2048 The masuda method is when you breed to different language game pokemon together. Try here. Hope this helps!

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From gen. 3-5 it would still be 1/8192. in gen.2 however the chances would be much greater since they were 1/64. the masuda method increases the chance however

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a) there were no shinies in I gen
b) it´s Matsuda
not it's actually Masuda.
ok, my bad. thx
There were shinies in gen 1.Right?
No ...