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I don't have to give any examples.

The good guys always win, including a pika using volt tackle on mismagius in the zoroark movie wich is annoying as hell.

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You want to establish positive themes when appealing to younger children. Good triumphing over evil is a very common theme. Mismagius may have lost, but had it won, then the theme would be saying that being a complete jerk and disregarding everybody Else's concerns (which is what that guy did in essence) is just fine and can be attained through force. That's not the kind of thing you want to tell little kids. In cartoons, the good guys will almost always win, that's just it. Remember you can't apply all the video game logic to the movies and anime, so Mismagius is fair game to be bested by a Pikachu.

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your's is better than mine :(
Good triumphing over evil is common to ALL TV shows and movies. Things would be pretty depressing the other way round, eh?
No not at all :)
i would enjoying seeing team rocket finally pull off something.
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for one thing, if the bad guys win, they would have an extra powerful pokemon, making the rest of the series boring, like when teams magma and aqua tried to capture groudon and kyogre. Then they'd be able to beat the good guys altogether too easy. Also, game freak does that to make it exciting; "is it gonna lose?!" stuff like that. Finally, if team rocket did get away with pikachu, the series would pretty much be over. After all, what is ash without pikachu?

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