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I'm playing pokemon pearl and I need an eevee. When I talk to the owner of the pokemon mansion he just says how good his masion is and that pokemon come from everywhere to see his garden and that I can join them if I want. But he dosent tell me anything about what pokemon are in there.

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You have to have the national dex to use the poke mansion. Or, you can get an eevee from mizuki in hearthome city after beating the elite 4.

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First, you have to get the National Dex. Then you have to talk to owner of the Pokemon Mansion. He will say a random Pokemon that appears, so remember to save before you enter the room he's in. once he says that there's an Eevee, go out to the Trophy Garden and use the Poke Radar. It may take a while, though. In order for him to say any Pokemon you have to agree with him both times that you are envious of him and his garden. It worked for me in my Pearl. Even better, it was a shiny female.

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To get an eevee you need to go to hearthome city and visit bebe in her house next to the pokemon center and speak to her. She will give you an egg with an eevee inside to evolve eevee you can find most of the stones needed on iron island to get a glaceon you need to go somewhere near snowpoint city. To get a leafeon you need to visit the eterna forest and stand next to the mossy rock. Eevee needs to be happy at night for an umbreon and it needs to be happy at day for an espeon. For a flareon you need a fire stone for a vaporeon you need a water stone and for a jolteon you need a thunder stone there you go!

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No. Bebe gives you a level 20 Eevee. Someone else gives you the pokemon egg and it turns into Togepi.
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You can get a evee in Hearthome City next to the Pokemon Center from Bebe after beating the Elite Four. You can also go the Pokemon Mansion after reciving your national dex. You have to say you are envious of his garden, remenber to save before talking to him. He wont say he saw an Evee the first couple of times. When he finanly says a cute Evee came when he was out for a morning walk you have to go outside and go in his grass looking untill you find one.

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Where are the elite 4 though??