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Okay my Pokemon Team was complete...or so I thought...

My Team currently looks like this

Steelix (Wall/Hazard)
Galvantula (Revenge Killer)
Venusaur (Staller)
Kingdra (Middle Man)
Charizard (Sweeper)
Metagross (Tank/Sweeper)

However... a new Pokemon has come onto the scene, one I consider very prominent...so the question is

Can someone give me a raw comparison of Metagross and Gallade, as I cannot decide between the two of them, I am not asking you to pick one for me, I just would like to see the benifets of each Pokemon and the downside of each Pokemon, that way I can see which would be better for my team and then I can decide for myself, any help would be greatly appreciated :D


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This guy is an awesome tank with great HP, Attack Defense, and decent Sp. Defense.
[email protected] Orb
EVs: 252HP, 148 Attack and 124ish spAttack for Psychic
Hammer Arm: He already has low Speed, this is a great Fighting attack for coverage.(100pow, 90accuracy)
Psychic: STAB
Steel move: Either Meteor Mash for Power, Bullet Punch for priority, or Iron Head for accuracy.
Last move: Magnet Rise for Ground Moves, Hone Claws for raising Attack, or Earthquake, Shadow Ball, or Sludge Bomb for coverage.
Great HP, although not as good as Metagross's. A pretty well rounded pokemon.
Try a critical set:
Scope Lens
EVs 252 hp, 252 sp defense
Leaf Blade
Psycho Cut
Night Slash
Slash or Bulk Up.

Overall, I'd use Metagross because of greater stats(almost 100 more total!) and such a big movepool.
However, you already have a steel type in your team. Your choice.

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How can you have 252 Hp evs, 252 Attack evs, and 148 Sp. Atk Evs?
your review is valid but it does appear to be quite biast towards Metagross