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I want to use Lucario on my team, but I don't want to spend a lot of time trying to get it caught up with the rest of the team.

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If you want Lucario before the Pokemon League, then put Riolu first in your party. Fight a Pokemon that is many more levels stronger. As soon as the battle begins, switch into a Pokemon that can defeat the wild Pokemon. Riolu will gain many, many EXP points, and probably end up approximately LV. 15 already. If you are patient and wait until the Pokemon League, do the same there. It may give a disadvantage winning the battle though. If you are aven MORE patient, you can wait until Stark Mountain, there the Pokemon are as strong as they get in the Sinnoh Region. For memory, around LV. 65s!

Just remember, Riolu evolves through happieness in the day, so make sure its happieness is high during the day, and avoid it fainting; this decreases happieness. Bitter roots/herbs also don't help at all. Winning battles and items other than the bitter stuff help increase happieness. More happiness increasing things:


I would also, if available, give it a Lucky Egg or exp Share. Either of these will give it a 50% experience increase using the above method. Even if it is holding an Exp Share, I would still suggest moving it to the front of your party and switching it into a pokemon that can take a hit.
I think he's in gen 4, and there is no lucky egg.
there are lucky eggs u just arnt given it u have to catch a chansey holding it
go to the massage place in veilstone city and that will raise his happiness by a lot