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In each Gen.

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Thank you because it should not be down voted because it does not break any rules I checked
Just throwing this out there, There are still the difference between a question that breaks the rules, and a stupid question.

Or just a " Go look in every single gym in every game you own and then answer. "

Just walk into the gym, and its pretty obvious if you're gonna have to battle all the trainers or not.
I dont have Hoenn games as I mentioned before and some trainers move there position after you beat the gym.
Could you actually give me 1 example of trainers moving places after the gym?  ( Excluding Gardenia's Gym )

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Pewter Gym
Gen 1,2(maybe),3,4- No
Cerulean Gym
Gen 1,3,4- No
Gen 2 - Yes
Vermillion Gym
Gen 1,2,3,4- No
Celadon Gym
Gen1,2,3,4- yes
Fuchsia Gym
1,2,3,4- Yes(might be incorrect)
Saffron gym
1,2,3,4- No
Cinnabar Gym
Gen 2- No
Gen 4- Yes
Viridian Gym
Gen 1 + 3- No
Gen 2 + 4- Yes

That's all I'm doing. But I may add more later.

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In drayden's gym in Pokemon BW2 you need not battle every trainer in the gym as there are only 5 trainers.Out of 5 you can fight three trainers and also get the choice if you want to have triple battles or have rotation battles.

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it IS an OLD question to bring up.. just sayin
but worth posting