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So here's the situation:

I'm trying to breed a Rotom and a Ditto in order to get a Rotom that I plan on "evolving" to a Rotom-W with hidden power: fire. I want this HP:Fire to have a high base power (60+).

That's about as far as I've gotten. I have NO clue about IVs except: Each one can go up to 31 (w/e number that stands for), they're used to calculate hidden powers, and when calculated with breeding, three of them can be passed on by parents.

So I guess what I need to know is, how in the world are these calculated? In order to get the type and base power of Hidden Power, do I need to try and catch a bunch of Ditto and try and get one with the same Hidden Power or equivalent IVs?

I've got the EVs, natures, and personalities down's just these darn IVs and Hidden Powers that have me thoroughly confused and frustrated.

Help me! =(

Edit: I just found a Ditto with an IV of 31 SpA...should I try breeding that with the Rotom and give it the Power Lens?

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if im not mistaken i believe max IVs is 32.......
you are mistaken, the max an IV can be is 31.
check out this:

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The formula for Hidden Power is pretty complex and just changing 1 stat by 1 EV will make it a completely different type and power. The best thing is to test every Pokemon's stats in an IV calculator like on Serebii.

You'll need your Pokemon at least level 50 to get the exact IV stats. If you're playing on gen 4 then you can do a level 100 battle. Otherwise you'll need Rare Candies or training to get them to level 50. If you train by fighting other pokemon you'll need to keep track of what EVs you get as well.

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Don't forget the Battle Subway in Gen V :)