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Hello and for takimg your time to answer my question. I all ready tryed teaching Mega Horn to Absol with Sawsbuck, but in the end it didn't work and I don't know why.


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To get the egg move on Absol, you must breed a female Absol with a male Sawsbuck (in your case*) that knows MegaHorn. The baby should be a Mega Horn Absol. The original Absol will not know the move. I hope this helped. Welcome to the site. Comment if you have and further confusion regarding this.

*Other possible parents (must be male and have learned Mega Horn) : nidoking, rapidash, rhyorn/rhydon/rhyperior, Samurott, or Bouffalant (or an absol that already had the move bred onto it)

I think I got it. So in order to beed for a certain move on a Pokemon... the male MUST have that move in order for the baby to have it, right?
Yes.  The pokemon must also be in the same egg group (which Sawsbuck and absol are) in order to breed at all.